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  • Mid Florida Garage Doors is proud to deliver a comprehensive line of high-quality commercial garage doors, operators and dock tools.

    Why you should buy commercial garage doors from us?

    All our commercial garage doors are made of high-quality materials that will offer them a long-lasting life. All our technicians are factory trained to install all types of garage doors effectively and professionally, irrespective of their model and make. We are operating a 24 x 7 customer service center, so you can get your doors fixed whenever and emergency exists. Our technicians are trained in such a way that they are capable of installing everything that ranges from the largest rolling steel door to the nominal counter shutter and from the loading dock to the doctor’s workplace. All of our commercial garage doors offer the necessary safety to your commercial facilities, irrespective of their size.

    Types of industrial and commercial garage doors we offer

    Mid Florida Garage Doors offers a variety of commercial garage doors, according to the safety needs of the customers. Some of the most popular doors offered by us include:

    Fire-Rated Rolling Service Doors: Our rolling steel doors are designed to meet the most demanding fire protection standards, strange opening sizes and discerning artistic needs and to close in the case of a fire or an alarmed occasion automatically. These fire-rated service doors are intended for service door applications in industrial, commercial, retail and institutional uses.

    Rolling Service Doors: The width of our rolling steel service doors assures your project stipulations will be met with the simplicity and style. These doors are perfect for situations where headroom and side room are at a premium.

    Rolling Grills: These grilles offer access control and off hour safety on exterior and interior openings. They will allow visual access of individualized spaces. They are mostly used at the back of the plate glass storefronts, and they are a restraint to break-and-grab offense.

    Rolling Counter Doors: Our rolling counter doors offer a huge number of striking solutions for smaller openings to 20-foot wide and 9-foot height. They are suitable for a horde of applications in retail, commercial, professional and corporate environments,

    Side-Folding Grills: The side-folding grilles offered by Mid Florida Garage Doors have the skill to fill asymmetrical openings so there is less necessity to compromise the architectural intention. They effortlessly manage variations, like multi-level counters, counter cut-outs, sloping floors, etc.

    Fire-Rated Counter Doors: These doors are ideal for applications, counting schools, factories, concessions, cafeterias, hospitals and retail settings. Their solid, box-like shape also offers an attractive finished look that needs the smallest side-room.

    Rolling Sheet Doors: These doors are designed to fit 16 x 16 feet openings with versatility, ease, and good looks. They are intended for heavy-usage settings where there is no necessity for a towering wind load-rated door.

    Vertical Lift Doors: These doors are intended for hardwearing applications that have restricted side room. We offer these doors with maximum flexibility in the cover materials, which is compatible with extraordinary architectural surface treatments.

    Sectional Doors: Mid Florida Garage Doors offers a complete line of sectional doors that encompass one among the most complete collection of board profiles, track styles, gauges and hardware for the business sectional door systems.

    Top Hung Sliding Doors: These doors offer a clean look to their place of installation and there will not be any tripping risks. They are designed to meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act and they offer a smooth operation.

    High Speed Doors: These doors offered by Mid Florida Garage Doors feature a greater seal around the complete perimeter of the door. When combined with a quick door cycle, this tight seal limits the air exchange powerfully, and assists to save power and keeps pollutants out.

    Mid Florida Garage Doors is the preferred dealer for all types commercial garage doors and we offer developers, architects, and building experts the most wide-ranging commercial rolling and overhead steel products in the industry. We also supply a comprehensive line of accessories, operators and special products to match an extensive collection of commercial design and structure applications. If you would like to have durable, energy efficient, safe, reliable and aesthetic commercial