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  • Garage door openers are the mechanical devices that open and close the garage doors. Most of these devices are controlled by electrical switches, mounted on the garage wall, but they can also be opened and closed by using a remote control. Bringing the best-in-class performance, the garage door openers offered by Mid Florida Garage Doors are designed with top-notch, groundbreaking features to make your life simpler, keep you associated with your home and offer the required serenity.

    Why you should buy the garage door openers from us?

    Our openers will make you reconsider what is promising in a garage door opener. With a complete- set of innovative features, counting Smartphone control, advanced safety features and battery backup, they will offer you the peace of mind that your garage is secure and safe at all times.

    Our Openers are designed to perform smooth, simple operation, which is immense for daily use, at the same time as offering you the required safety and to have better control over your garage door opener.

    They are inexpensive and efficient, and they are an immense option if you require practical garage door openers to get you in and out of the garage safely and quickly.

    All garage door openers offered by Mid Florida Garage Doors are LiftMaster brands. As a result, they come with the Wi-Fi feature that allows you to control the opener from your Smartphone, computer or tablet. They are fully prepared with the safety+ 2.0, MyQ expertise, and the Timer-to-Close attribute.

    Our openers offer alerts, which can be received in the form of email or pop-up announcements on your mobile appliance, ensuring the condition of the garage door.

    Our openers are designed to offer higher performance, as they are outfitted with powerful P3 Motors to offer durability and reliability. The DC Motor Belt arrangement brings influential, ultra-silent performance. The efficient battery backup guarantees access to your garage when there is a power failure. Above all, our garage door openers come with a reliable lifetime warranty for the belts and the motors, five-year warranty on parts and one-year warranty on the battery.

    Safety and security offered by our openers

    The garage door openers of Mid Florida Garage Doors are designed to offer the required safety and security to your garage.

    They come with the Security+ 2.0 protections garage access, such that with each click a new code is propelled to the garage door opener, guaranteeing that the door does not unintentionally open.

    The PosiLock of the opener locks down the garage door by electronic means, monitoring against an obligatory opening.

    The Timer-to-Close feature of our openers closes the garage door automatically, following a preset number of minutes.

    The openers Alert-2-Close warning arrangement offers both visual and audible warnings while a garage door is about to shut when using the Timer-to-Close feature or the MyQ Technology.

    The control panel of our garage door openers is incorporated with a motion detector, offering a rapid detection and lighting of garage.

    Safety sensors are incorporated into the protector system of the openers that emit an invisible light ray across the door opening, reversing the door automatically if any object interrupts the light beam.

    Accessories we offer

    Mid Florida Garage Doors also offers necessary accessories for your garage door openers that include:

    Three-button visor remote control: This is a commanding multi-door control, which is capable of operating a maximum of three garage door openers and gate operators. Additionally, it is compatible with all garage door openers of LiftMaster manufactured after 1993.

    Smart control panel: This control panel allows you to have a complete control over your garage. The instinctive menu-driven panel of this control panel allows you to program remote controls, change setting and to get system diagnostics, as well.

    Visit us today to get the required garage door openers that best suit your garage door and your safety needs and budget.